GIORGIO CHIELLINI – SPOT FAZLAND 2018-10-25T12:31:49+00:00

Project Description


In 2017, in partnership with People, Ideas and Culture, Reset Group contributed in organizing an advert campaign that saw our Giorgio Chiellini as testimonial.

Fazland is an ambitious application that works as a platform for its clients, allowing them to compare the different offers and discounts between professionals and services. The objective of the campaign was to promote the brand with the participation of a high-level testimonial. The company turned to Reset Group with the task of meeting the needs of the brand and selecting the most appropriate testimonial in line with Fazland’s values and ambitions.

After thorough market research, we identified Giorgio Chiellini as the ideal match, considering him a true professional, perfectly in line with the ideas of Fazland. His notoriety and positive personality were the right ingredients for the success of the campaign. The spot was filmed at Chiellini’s home in Turin and obtained a strong following on all online platforms and tv channels.