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Project Description


In 2017, we organized another important activity that saw AC Milan goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma, side with Mara Maionchi in a promotional advert for the presentation of the newborn Nintendo console, Nintendo Switch.

Due to the many successful events organized over the years, Nintendo turned to Reset Group for the selection of a testimonial that could complement the advert and address a heterogeneous audience, making the new console fit for all types of audiences and ages. For this reason we identified Gianluigi Donnarumma as the ideal match in reaching out to the younger demographic sought by Nintendo. Both his age and promising future on the pitch made up the right profile to promote an ambitious project like the one of Nintendo Switch.

The advert was filmed in two different versions and in diverse locations, and had a very clear message: to become the first console fit to play both at home and in public spaces, on your own and with company.

This collaboration was one of our most successful in recent years, firstly because the advert was a true success and helped improve the sales of Nintendo Switch, and secondly because it provided important value to both parties by involving a strong brand and a high-level profile like Donnarumma. This created the perfect mix for a successful campaign which we are all very proud of.