PUCCI – FATTURE IN CLOUD 2018-09-25T06:49:55+00:00

Project Description


Fatture in Cloud is one of the most popular online invoicing platforms in Italy. The company, through the implementation of this advert campaign, had the objective of improving the perception of the brand and its services, in order to provide a user-friendly platform that can simplify the day-to-day life of professionals.

In order to achieve this objective, in liaison with our advertising agency and partner, Pi&C, we agreed that linking a famous comedian to the image of the brand could make the advert more light-hearted and fun, and ultimately be a viable way to achieve the desired results. For this reason, we identified in Pucci the ideal profile to promote the services of Fatture in Cloud. Due to his notoriety, experience in the field of advertising, and recognizable ironic personality, the advert which saw him interpret a fun but stressed-out dentist, resulted in a true success.

The campaign was filmed in two different versions, a shorter one and a longer one, and from early December appeared on all online platforms and on the main Italian television channels. This activity gave us ulterior assurances on the ductility of our work as intermediaries, relevant also in contexts other than sports marketing.