Great success for the launch of the collaboration between Reset Academy and SCICFOOTBALL, a Chinese company that promotes youth football in China. A wonderful experience which saw RESET ACADEMY and SCICFOOTBALL make their entry in the Chinese market, also known as the “New World of Football”.

The activities of the partnership which took place in various locations across the country focused on presenting projects related to the development of football in China.

The Reset owners met up with many sport/football directors of local schools in the cities of Wuhan, Shanghai and Zhengzhou. Along with visiting diverse local schools, they also assisted and directed training sessions, carried out important meetings with coaches and local politicians, ultimately presenting a structured project with the objective of developing football education within the local schools they visited.

In Shanghai, Reset Group presented all the activities that will be developed for a large group of Chinese boys at the next Summer Camp organized at the sports centre “La Borghesiana” by RESET ACADEMY and SCICFOOTBALL. The presentation was also an occasion to participate in the event organized by Limonta (partner of Reset Academy at “La Borghesiana”), company leader in the production of artificial turf pitches. It was also the right moment to meet up with the current Chinese National Team coach and Honorary President of Reset Academy, Marcello Lippi.

The tour in China also touched base in Tianjin, where we met up with mister Fabio Cannavaro to discuss the current state of Chinese football and its future developments. The journey ended in the city of Baoding, where we met up with the president of the local club (currently in second division) to visit their infrastructures.

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