Reset Academy

Reset Academy is a unique project, originally sponsored by Reset Group and today by Reset Marketing. It is aimed at the world of youth football, born, not only from the passion and experience of the founders, but above all from the awareness of our group, of how youth football, Italian or not, needs references, guides, models to be inspired by and in which it is really possible to become protagonists of one’s own sporting and football growth. We have created a new teaching framework, because we strongly believe that modern football models and projects must respect the new lifestyles, ways of playing and education of young people who play football. We carry on the history, tradition and style of Italian football, with an energy that has always been recognized as the most complete, structured and creative.


Becoming the best football teaching programme

Being recognized for competence, effectiveness and quality

Ensuring satisfaction and education for every young player

Creating projects applicable in any context and at any latitude

Providing a personalized teaching model based on the user’s needs and expectations


Tactical technical innovation

Quality of the performed work

Professional football

A project that is exportable throughout the world

Particular attention to the growth of young people

Cross training and education

Sustainable business model

Study and training centre under the supervision of Marcello Lippi


All the events and projects related to Reset Academy will have their headquarters, and will develop at, the famous ‘La Borghesiana’ Sports Centre. It is one of the best sports centres in Italy, chosen by the Club and the National football teams for their retreats, thanks to the high-quality level of the facilities. These consist of 8 football fields, specifically:

  • n. 4 11 – a – side football fields
  • n. 3   8 – a – side football fields
  • n. 1   5 – a – side football fields

The facilities also include a number of buildings, which offer all the complementary services necessary for sports.